Functional ion channel assays

ChanPharm offers a large collection of functional ion channel assays for selectivity profiling. Our functional assays utilize automated electrophysiology platforms and manual patch clamp

Safety assessment studies on ion channels

ChanPharm’s safety assessment panel covers key ion channels and enables identification of adverse drug reactions. Profiling against a broad panel of these off-targets at an early stage of drug development supports lead generation, lead optimization and selection of a drug candidate.

Customized cell line generation

Stable cell lines expressing recombinant ion channels are commonly used in drug discovery and safety assessment

Virtual drug screening and drug discovery services

Pharmacophore-based in-silico screening is an efficient and well established method for filtering large virtual compound libraries

ChanPharm is a contract research organisation (CRO) offering compound screening and selectivity profiling for a broad range of ion channels. ChanPharm’s scientists have made significant contributions to the field of ion channel research over more than 30 years. We are experts in developing ion channel assays that address individual demands of our clients.

ChanPharm provides high-quality ion channel screening services making use of automated patch clamp platforms (Synchropatch and Patchliner), manual patch clamp in voltage clamp and current clamp mode, imaging and Multi Electrode Arrays.

Ion Channel Screening Services

ChanPharm’s cardiac safety studies are based on assessment of drug effects on human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived (iPSC) cardiomyocytes, electrophysiological studies on cardiac ionic channels expressed in mammalian cell lines and in silico reconstruction of drug effects on human ventricular action potentials.

Cardiac Safety Services

ChanPharm has growing experience using human iPSC-derived neurons in our drug discovery programs and neurotoxicity assays. We use commercially available iPSC in studies with planar patch clamp platforms and MEAs (Garifulina et al. 2022).

Neurotoxicity Services

ChanPharm supports structure-activity studies for our clients. Structural changes proposed by our clients are introduced into ion channels and resulting mutants are examined with regard to altered drug sensitivity.

Structure Activity Studies

Pharmacophore-based in-silico screening is an efficient and well-established method for filtering large virtual compound libraries.

Virtual Drug Screening Service